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You've found your way to the website of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery - a DIY, self-built microbrewery in Ridgewood Queens. We are a proud, independently owned, mom-and-pop run entity that strives to give back to the community that we are both originally from. Our official start was on September 12th 2012 - but with brewing experience spanning back to 2003 - we bring a mix of new, experimental, and traditional ciders to our patrons and pals. 

Our Ridgewood tap room boasts 16 lines of craft, all brewed in house, as well as a story for every piece of equipment, where it came from, what it was re purposed into, and glimpses of the nano gear that the brewery started on during the  first 3 years of operation while brewing on a self-built 1.5 barrel brewing rig, out of a 150 square foot garage in Maspeth Queens (see photo below).   

On November 2nd 2015, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery officially crossed from nano-status, to micro brewery status, with the blessing from The NY State Liquor Authority of our expanded capacity, self built 10 barrel system, and tap room now located at 15-35 Decatur Street, Ridgewood NY.

The current brewery that we built at 15-35 Decatur Street, Ridgewood NY is a 6 fold increase in capacity from our 1.5 barrel garage-band nano system. Our tap room was built from reclaimed materials that we recovered and fashioned into a hand made bar and farmhouse tables and benches, under warm and inviting illumination. 

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is run as a mom and pop operation by proprietors Rich and Lisa Castagna. We self-distribute our own product, and have built 2 breweries over the past 3 years from the ground-up on repurposed, reclaimed materials not originally designed for brewing, with all equipment retrofitted so as to function together harmoniously as a bang-and-pop beer rig. The slogan that has evolved for our brewery has become: DIY, self-built, low tech, bomb proof.

During our time in the garage as a nano-brewery, we launched around 30 beer styles - most of which were keepers. Our tap room draft system has a 16 tap capacity and we are hoping to eventually fill all 16 lines.

This website is outdated, but the priority has consistently been to actually brew and deliver beer. While building out the new brewery, our plates became even more crowded, and the website updates took an even further seat on the back of the 'to do' list. But now that the bulk of the build-out is finished, we will be tightening up various other brewery aspects, including this website. 


For more up to date status, photos, and current happenings, check out the brewery's Instagram and Facebook pages.  


Virtual Brewery Tour? Check out the compact documentary: Home Brewed - created by Shannon Smith on the intricacies of nano-brewing, and the workings of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery (see link at top of page).



 Bridge and Tunnel Brewery (guy in yellow shirt) on Beer Sessions Radio - see photo link below.



And as we like to say: Bridge and Tunnel Brewery - because it's the bridges and tunnels that unite this city - not divide it.


See you on Decatur Street.


~ Rich and Lisa Castagna 

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery on Jimmy Carbone's Beer Sessions Radio