At the present time, updating the website seems to be consistently put behind other tasks such as - purchasing ingredients, brewing, cleaning kegs, filling kegs, distributing kegs, collecting empty kegs, making adjustments to the brewery, occasionally sleeping.... you get the idea.


So, instead of listing where beer is currently located, here's a list of all of the establishments that carry beer from Bridge and Tunnel Brewery - when there is enough to go around. If you're on a hunt for pints or growlers, drop an e-mail, or check out the brewery's Facebook page - and we'll get an updated list of establishments that have kegs in stock.


Jimmy's No. 43 (East Village NYC)

The Queens Kickshaw (Astoria Queens)

Inwood Local (Inwood NYC)

Pachanga Patterson (Astoria Queens)

MP Taverna (Astoria Queens)

Sunswick 35/35 (Astoria Queens)

Claret (Sunnyside Queens)

Open Door (Long Island City)

The Sampler (Bushwick Brooklyn)

DBA Brooklyn (Williamsburg Brooklyn)

Brouwerij Lane (Greenpoint Brooklyn)

Breukelin Beer Merchants (Williamsburg Brooklyn)

Beer Street (East Williamsburg)

Beer Boutique (Williamsburg Brooklyn)

Astoria Bier and Cheese (Astoria New York)

Malt and Mold (Lower East Side NYC)

Eastwood (Lower East Side NYC)

Hoptron Brewtique (Long Island)