The brewing rig consists of 3 stainless steel kettles (Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, Boil Kettle) each with a 55 gallon holding capacity. The system can churn out roughly 45 gallons per batch - or about 9 sixtels (1/6th barrel sankes). The kettles themselves are clad in oak, which is particularly helpful for the mash tun, as the oak cladding acts as an amazing insulator (thanks to the neighbor who passed on all his oak wood flooring).

The brewery itself was built from the ground up, with pretty much all of the larger components being repurposed/reclaimed materials. The 3 stainless steel kettles were used - including the tank functioning as the HLT, which at one time was used in the kitchen of a Chinese Restaurant. At the time of acquiring the tank, it was partially crushed after being backed into by a car. Being 316 stainless steel, there was a better future for it - as part of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery.

There are stories every component in every corner of the brewery - each part either repaired, rebuilt, or fortified to work as a part of a brewery puzzle. Prior to the first brew session in October 2012 - none of the parts were actually tested all together. Components of the process were tested, but that maiden voyage was for the most part a big question mark. After over a year's worth of brew sessions, the system has proven to being tight, efficient, and reliable.