15-35 Decatur St. Ridgewood, NY 11385
(2 blocks from the L-Train (Halsey St.)
Tap Room Hours: Wed-Fri 5-10pm, Sat-Sun 1-10pm

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Bridge & Tunnel Brewery

Craft Beer

    Ol' Gilartin Milk and Oatmeal Stout

    Silver Medal Award Winner 2019 New York State Brewers Association Craft Beer Competition

    ...The "chewiness" of oatmeal stout, the sweet "silkiness" of milk stout, chocolate malts, and flaked oats create a capacious flavor. 5.8% ABV.

    Get In Shut Up Hold On NY IPA

    ... New England Style IPA brewed with New York State Grains, as well as New York bagels. big tropical/citrus centered hop aroma and flavor, and a clean, slightly bready finish. Unique. 6.8%.

    Marvin Gardens aka Hop the Turnstile Dry Hopped Pale Ale

    ...Mosaic, Citra, Cascade, and Sorachi Ace hops for a clean and crisp finish. 6% ABV

    20 Spot and a Switchblade Coffee Cream Ale

    ...Solid cream ale recipe infused with ground coffee. 6% ABV

    Urban Styles Milkshake IPA

    ... New England Style IPA brewed with 2 row, flaked oats, milk sugar, and dry hopped with Mosaic, Eldorado, and Azacca. 6.2% ABV

    Tiger Eyes Hazelnut Brown Ale

    ...A Southern Enlish style Brown Ale with Cara, Honey Malts, and roasted Hazelnut. 5.8% ABV

    Blood Bath & Beyond Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    . Reddish hue, brewed with real roasted pumpkins, and with the addition of pumpkin spices. 9% ABV

    Passion Fruit Pale Ale

    ...Traditional Pale Ale recipe conditioned with passion fruit. Subtle fruit presence on the aroma, and flavor, with a clean finish. 6% ABV.

    "Cement Loafers" Amber Ale

    ...low hop aroma, toasty flavor notes, clean, dry finish. 6% ABV.

    Alt. Side Flogging Sour IPA

    ...A farmhouse style fermented ale (with brett and lactobacilus strains) and generously dry hopped with hop varieties lending to tropical fruit, citrus notes, and a tart, clean finish. 6.5% ABV

    Newtown Greek Oyster Stout

    ...English ale yeast fermented stout brewed with real oysters and named after Newtown Creek, once a main resource for oysters in eastern Brooklyn and western Queens area. 6% ABV.

    Surf Varanasi Chai Milk Stout

    ...Milk Stout recipe brewed with chai tea spices. 6% ABV.

    Diogenes Imperial Stout (with Cacao)

    ...Bold and strong Imperial Stout with the cocoa-like properties of the cacao bean. 12% ABV.

    Bone Orchard Vanilla Porter

    ...A robust porter recipe brewed with split Madagascar Vaniila beans. 6.2% ABV

    Picking Up The Change Chipotle Porter

    ...Notes of chocolate and coffee, rich smokiness, and a smooth Chipotle pepper spice/heat finish. 6.2% ABV.

    Sour Porter

    ... Kettle soured porter. Big chocolate notes, with a super pleasing tart finish. 6% ABV.

    "Lobstah" Lobster Saison

    ...Made with real lobsters, expect a full bodied saison aroma with a pleasing prehistoric Crustacean finish. 6.2%

    Fear City Barley Wine

    ...A malt forward barley wine recipe clocking in at 12% ABV...

    "Lime Goosie" Lime/Coriander Gose

    Mildly tart, coriander spiced, lime essence. Balanced and pleasing. 4% ABV.

    Mango IPA

    ... New England Style IPA, brewed with mango to complement big tropical fruit notes. 6.2% ABV

    Stickball/Johnny Pumps Session IPA

    ...Traditional West Coast style IPA, with big hop aroma and flavor and a bold, bitter finish, and a sessionable alcohol level for multiple visits. 5.4% ABV.

    B&T Belgian Fermented Imperial Kombucha Ale

    ...Hybrid Belgian fermented ale, that is both Saison-esk, with Kombucha elements creating a finish reminiscent of Lambic. 6.2% ABV.

    B&T Berliner Weiss

    ...Tap room only. Served with traditional syrups. 2.5% ABV....

    Black Currant Kombucha

    ...Very subtle black current notes, and very refreshing and delicious. 1.5% ABV

    Bucha Baby House Blend Kombucha

    ...1.5% ABV, on draft, and in cans. Pro-biotic. Pours like a beer, and good for the gut

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