Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is a Queens based nano-scale micro-brewery, launched by brewer/proprietor: Rich Castagna. At the present time, the brewery is operating as a one-man brewing operation, with the help from Rich's wife Lisa with the various additional tasks necessary to keep a brewery afloat.

Rich has been brewing for over 10 years, and enjoys brewing and drinking darker beers, and beers with a flavorful kick. So the current line leans toward beers that are colorful in the glass (as well as on the palate).

Rich was born and raised in Western Queens, and spent most of his life in the New York area short of about 8 years living and traveling around the U.S. and overseas. Over the past 15 years, he's lived in the Ridgewood/Bushwick area, Long Island City, Astoria, and Maspeth. He has 3 kids, 3 cats, a dog, a fish, a large amount of brewing equipment, and a very patient wife.

An article was published recently by Brew York editor Chris O'Leary. The article gives additional description on the brewery:

What's in the Name?

Since meeting bar owners, and discussing the brewery and beers, the question has been asked a handful of times about the name of the brewery itself. It's a great question. A blog post was set aside for an explanation - but to put it into a nut-shell:

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery - because it's the bridges and tunnels that unite this city, not divide it.