2016 Bridge and Tunnel Brewery MUG CLUB

Become part of the Bridge and Tunnel founding family - join our exclusive Mug Club and enjoy a bunch of benefits that come with it.

Mug Club members have their own personal mug in our taproom, always on display, be in on the wall, hanging from the ceiling or in your grasp as you take a swig of your favorite brew.

Now these aren't your normal feeble 16oz pint sized mugs. Nope. We've supersized your pints to 20oz, but you'll only pay the standard pint price. Enjoy that extra gulp my friend.

I know what you're thinking. You wish that you could get together with fellow like minded mug clubs members, enjoy exclusive pricing for the night, meet with the brewer and tour the brewery. All whilst the brewery is closed off to the public. We've got you covered. We'll be hosting biannual Mug Club Parties in our Tap Room. We may even coincide these with some special releases and we'll make sure we have entertainment throughout the night.

Just to top things off, we will be giving you a Mug Club Tee, early access to our limited releases (coming soon), 10% off any merchandise purchase and finally a mug of beer on your birthday.